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Swedish motor history

That the motor factory Göta, "Göta Motors" ended up in Osby, we can thank the railroad for. There were no trains to Blackstad north of Västervik.
In 1907 Hugo Peterson then took over his company Hagaborg Mechanical Workshop and moved to Osby. There he bought a shop with an associated workshop. Once in place, the name changed to Motorfabriken Göta.


In Osby Hugo began seriously building engines. First out, the ignition engine was called Stable. Soon, the outboard engine came and was called Kurir. The old workshop was soon too small.

Instead, a factory building was constructed with at that time characteristic sawdust shape. The production was changed. The company began to manufacture inboard and stationary engines.

In the 1930s, the company established exports to Denmark, Iceland, Holland, and Germany. Motors from Göta were also sold on the US market.


The company's founder dies in 1939, while World War II breaks out. The attendance of employees is turned upside down. Access to gasoline stryps and the construction of boat engines stops. The dispenser for Färe Armaturfabrik in Sibbhult comes to rescue.

In the machinery park, he sees the opportunity to reset production and instead of engines manufacturing products for the defense.


After the war, the production of motors 21 / 2-3-4-6-7 horsepower resumed.


During the 1950s, the company developed a two-stroke engine, which could be powered by both petrol and kerosene.


The single-cylinder 5 to 6-horsepower engines and the twin-cylinder 10-12 horsepower became real "box shots". Suitable for old swedish caracteristic wood fishing boats and sailboats, they fit like a glow for an increasing number of pleasure boat owners. The company grew. At most there were 35 people in the payroll. Excepting a few women in the office, it was "the man's workplace".


Increased competition and reduced order intake forced the staff to be pulled down. In the late 1950s, a new owner, Osby pump industry, was formed. To give more business to the company, production increased with new engine models. The solar engine, which unfortunately became short-lived, was one of these.


In the early 1960s, the company sold the property to Osby municipality and moved to premises on Nya Hallarydsvägen. The old factory was demolished and replaced by the new school in the town called Hasslarödsskolan. Göta Motorer's current owner, Sten Carlsson, took over 1984. In addition to some new innovations of the 1950s popular two-stroke trailer, older boat engines is renovated. In addition, parts are sold to Göta and Solomotors.

The company is one of Sweden's last two-stroke engines, making it unique in its kind.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Founder of Göta Motorer Hugo Peterson.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

One of Hugo Peterson's first engines, a pin-twisted two-stroke photogen engine manufactured in Blackstad around 1908.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Göta Motorers Factory in Hasslarödsvägen
in Osby.
This was the second factory in the scheme. The building was built in 1918.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907
Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Factory coworkers around1930-40 talet.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907
Götas Fabrik I osby 1907
Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Former Göta CoworkerHerman Rydström and current owner since1984 Sten Carlsson.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Entrence in current factory.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

The office that is still in use.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Gösta Carlsson, Stig Newin, and Herman Rydström discuss the new Färe Götamotorn 1953.

The rounded shape of the piston top without a nose, is connected to the new coil system, called reverse transverse coil.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Götamotorers current factory at Hallarydsvägen.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

The entrance to current Göta Motorer, with some engins from 1930s

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

Some more old engins in the current factory.

Götas Fabrik I osby 1907
Götas Fabrik I osby 1907

And a lot of other older things.


Video about Götas history. (In Swedish)

Video about Assembly a Göta Motor

History of GÖTA


Götamotorer in Osby are a special company

because it is the only remaining engine factory of the old kind in Sweden,with a history of 107 years




Manufacture and Repair of Göta Motor 5-12 hp.

Spare parts for the elderly Göta and Solo engine



Addresses and contact information.

Open Monday-Friday between   


When visiting call before.

Pausa/Starta Ljud.

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